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The Digital Nomad Life Academy is an online course + coaching community designed to help you create first remote business.

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The Digital Nomad Starter Codes

Not sure what digital nomad job would make sense for YOU? This course will provide you with  a deeper understanding of what it *actually* means to be a digital nomad, debunk what options you personally have & fill your mind with possibility. You'll also receive a 360* Career Assessment to surface all of your strengths, transferrable skills to discover the best digital nomad career for you.


Mastering the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Ready to book your first one way ticket? Before you take the leap and become a digital nomad, make sure you have your bases covered! This course, Mastering the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, covers all the scariest topics that hold people back from actually stepping in to their dream life, including handling loneliness & homesickness, finances & so much more.


Shadow Work for Entrepreneurs Course

For new entrepreneurs who are not currently being supported by a mindset coach, this course is legitimately THE secret WEAPON you need to overcome all the most prohibitive fears, such as the fear of Rejection, Criticism & Failure. It also includes modules for working through the biggest blockers to success, such as a poor money mindset, limiting beliefs, and more.


Mindset Coaching for Digital Nomads

As every entrepreneur knows, developing a strong mindset is what separates the failures from the success stories. This interactive program is filled with important psychology concepts as well as exercises and guided visualizations to help you get UNSTUCK at any point along your journey of building a business. This is perfect for those who have been entrepreneurs for less than five years.


Career Assessment Call + 2 weeks of voice message coaching

BONUS: Digital Nomad Starter Codes

You will be sent a VERY in depth questionnaire taking inventory of your personality, likes & dislikes, unexplored interests, life story and more. Once you fill this out (takes ~10 hours) you will get on a call with Christa who will offer her expert opinion and personalized suggestions about what would be the most suitable remote career path for you as well as a laser-focused strategy session on how to take that idea and tun it into your new digital nomad reality within one year. 


Coming Soon: Re-Program Your Mind for Abundance & Success as a Digital Nomad: A Meditation Bundle

Your subconscious mind can either keep you stuck and unable to move forward making money and getting more clients for your business OR it can skyrocket you to levels of abundance you never thought were possible in your lifetime! This meditation bundle has been carefully curated to improve your relationship with money.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon: LIVE EVENT: Clear your limiting beliefs bootcamp

If you are having a hard time staying motivated to work on your new business, constantly procrastinating, and having lots of anxious thoughts surrounding your goal of becoming a digital nomad, this LIVE event will help you conquer your fears so you can take ten-steps forward in the direction of your dreams, while also allowing you to meet other people who are just as obsessed with personal development as you are!

Coming Soon!



Digital Nomad Life academy is an online course + remote community designed to help you create your first profitable 100% remote business.