1:1 COACHING to transform all areas of your life:

Career. Lifestyle. Money. Confidence. Your Wild Inner World.

Apply below to work with Christa, multiple 6-figure business owner, founder of the DNLA, and public speaker in an exclusive, VIP 5-month coaching container.



Spots for 1:1 coaching are extremely limited. 
We advise you to take your time applying with the form below and provide thorough, thoughtful answers as o
nly people who seem to fit the specific criteria will be invited to a discovery call with Christa.

Is 1:1 COACHING for you?

Of course you want to be a digital nomad…

But you want MORE than just location independence… You also want financial freedom.

You want abundance.

You have incredibly high standards for yourself, and you're willing to work hard to meet them.

You're DONE playing small.

You trust that it's all possible, because you trust yourself and your ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

It's time to get started creating the digital nomad life of your absolute dreams.

Jet-setting whenever you feel like it.  Business class flights. Downtown hotel suites with the best view.  

An ever-growing audience. Effortless sales. Making a genuine impact. 

If you've been following along, you know this is the reality I have created for myself.

It can be your reality too. 


If you are eager and ready to learn...

If you are receptive and open to feedback on both business strategy and your mindset...

If you understand the importance of energy and the value of emotional intelligence...

If you are available to be guided deep into your healing journey, and you’re available to pull an all-nighter on the days when you feel so inspired you can’t close your laptop...

If you're willing to make building your business and working on yourself the top priorities in your life for the remainder of the year...

Then I invite you to apply for the High Achievers Digital Nomad Minimind. 

This is a very intimate container (four participants maximum) where you will be supported by me directly as your business coach & life mentor for five months.

We will meet every other week for 3 hours and will work in a back-to-back setting with your peers. Each meeting, you get 1-hour dedicated to YOU, and are invited to stay and listen in on the others being coached when it’s their turn to go deep. 

This model maximizes our time spent together; our shared energy and ideas, our learnings and ultimately our collective power.

Through the minimind model you may experience a new kind of vulnerability you have never felt before, which not only enhances your ability to face the challenges of entrepreneurship, but every important relationship in your life as well (romantic, platonic, family, & your relationship with yourself).

We will work together on your business strategy to leverage your unique gifts & talents, and if you’re willing to show the f*** up for yourself consistently, 

...we WILL get your business to a place where you can be running it sustainably and profitably on your own long after our container ends, even if you are starting from the very beginning / are without a business idea yet.

The most beautiful, fulfilling, abundant and FREE life of your wildest dreams is just on the other side of your comfort zone. YOU CAN DO THIS. 



Digital Nomad Life academy is an online course + remote community designed to help you create your first profitable 100% remote business.